“The Answer is: Ask the Question” Dan Jacobson, Orange County Lawyer, 02/17, page 48. A critical
look at an analysis that failed to examine a vital issue, thus providing an important lesson is legal

Insurers Can’t Escape Through Escape Clause”  Dan Jacobson, Orange County Lawyer, 02/16, page 4. LEXIS citation not yet available.  An analysis of wary view of “other insurance clauses” in insurance policies. 

Jacobson “The Emperor Has No Completed Operations“, Dan Jacobson, Orange County Lawyer, 07/14, Page 28 .  An Analysis of California’s courts exasperation with insurance companies Completed Operations clauses. 

The Armstrong Election– a Misnomer with a Powerful Purpose” Dan Jacobson, Orange County Lawyer, 09 Vol. 53, No. 9, 2011  Page 16; LEXIS citation: 53 Orange County Lawyer 16. An analysis of the California law that prohibits “stacking” of insurance deductibles in progressively deteriorating damages cases and allows an insured in such cases to elect which deductible it will pay. 

Insurer Learns It Can’t Wriggle Out of Its Duty to Defend” 09/29/06 The Daily Journal. An analysis of The Standard Fire case, in which the California Court of Appeal defined “occurrence” in the context of an occurrence-based insurance policy, thus distinguishing such a policy from an claims-made insurance policy.

Construction Defect Claims – Defining, Comparing and Contrasting the Differing Roles of the Adjuster and Attorney in Protecting the Contractor – The Attorney’s Role,” published by Lorman Education Service.  An analysis of California law re the different roles that Claims Adjusters and Claims Attorneys play in protecting an insured.

Insurance Insolvency – Or What to Do If Your Insurance Company Goes Broke,” published by Lorman Education Service.  An analysis of California law on insurance insolvency, including an analysis of the California Insurance Guarantee Association (“CIGA”).


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